Dr. Bogomaz, Psy.D., ABPP

Fellow, American Group Psychotherapy Association

Let us take the first steps on your journey towards leading a more authentic, insightful, and fulfilling life. I’m a licensed psychologist in Jacksonville, Florida and would love an opportunity to work with you.

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My role as a therapist is to help deepen your insight into your many thoughts, feelings and experiences. Together we will focus on refining your strengths and tackling growth areas that will allow for you to be the best kind of leader, friend, parent, or romantic partner. Meeting online for counseling allows a unique opportunity to see each other at a time that is convenient for us both.


I am available for supervision of mental health professionals working towards licensure at the doctoral or masters level in the state of Florida. We will meet once per week to discuss your ongoing cases, client documentation, and to discuss your experiences as an early career mental health professional. My background is in interpersonal and psychodynamic therapy.

About Me

Each of us is on a unique journey. I grew up as a sensitive child who followed the established rules and expectations. I had an ability to be attuned to others' emotions, but thought that going with the flow would bring me happiness.

It did not.

Only later in life I’ve learned that following the script that is assigned to us is not the same thing as living an authentic life.

My life has transformed through the relationships that allowed me to examine my own self and the assumptions I was making about myself and others.

I’ve learned that difficult and confusing experiences can be understood through talking and used to transform myself.

It is this same type of relationship that I offer my clients; a relationship that will give you a chance to transform your journey.

Meet Dr. Bogomaz


Expert in group psychology, focusing on the quality of relationships and its impact on mood and happiness

  • Earned Doctorate from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 2012
  • Training Director for the University of North Florida Counseling Center
  • One of the 5% of licensed psychologists who are board certified
  • Internationally Certified Group Psychotherapist

Organizational Involvement

Every professional should strive to be directly involved in shaping the future of their chosen field

  • President of the American Board of Group Psychology
  • Examiner for psychologists seeking board certification in group psychology

Professional Presentation Highlights

The best way to learn information is to teach it

  • China Institute of Psychology - "Group Leadership Tasks and Skills"
  • American Psychological Association - "Adding Group psychotherapy to your practice"; “The role of Psychologists in Social Justice: Advances and advice from the frontline”
  • American Group Psychotherapy Association - "Principles of Group Psychotherapy"; “Growth and Renewal: building our group training programs from the bottom up”
  • Jacksonville Naval Base - "Effective Group Leadership: Tasks, skills, and group dynamics"